Plaster-Maxx bandage

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  • Contains no glue
  • Anti allergic
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Air permeable
  • Water resistant
  • No scissors needed
  • CE marked
  • Can be used in combination with ointment
  • Available in countless colors

Easy to use

You easily tear off a piece of Plaster-Maxx and tie it around your finger, wrist or ankle, for example. The patch only adheres to itself and can therefore be used directly on the wound. The Plaster-Maxx is water-resistant and can therefore easily remain in place for the entire day. Removing the Plaster-Maxx is painless, which makes the plasters ideal for children. Because there is no glue processed in the Plaster-Maxx, the use on hairy skin or on the fur of (pet) animals is also no problem.

Use the Plaster-Maxx for:

  1. In case of allergy: are you allergic to regular plasters? The Plaster-Maxx is suitable for people who suffer from common allergies.
  2. Do you have sensitive skin? The Plaster-Maxx does not adhere to the skin and does not irritate your skin, even when removing the plaster.
  3. The Plaster-Maxx is also suitable for use on open wounds. It does not close off the skin, which is positive in relation to wound repair. This also prevents the patch from sticking to the wound.
  4. the Plaster-Maxx is also suitable for open wounds.
  5. In case of blisters you can apply the Plaster-Maxx to protect your skin.
  6. In case of nail splitting you can easily wrap the Plaster-Maxx around your finger to protect the nail from splitting further.


  • Material: Nylon and elastic
  • Width: 2.8cm
  • Length: 4.5m

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