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Efficient Training

10 minutes training equals 15.000 steps walking


3 Programs

  • 1. Warm Up
  • 2. Training
  • 3. Relax

Easy and Accessible!

Get the most out of your workout with our easy to use ViViBo for young and old. Invitalis stands for quality and reliability!


How it works

When you are out of balance, you unconsciously move a foot so that you will not fall: you use your muscles to keep your balance. The ViViBo simulates the same kind of situation, so that these same muscle fibers are addressed and you both train your muscles and burn calories. 10 Minutes of ViViBo training is equal to taking 12.000 - 15.000 steps!



  • 3 Programs (warm-up, training, relax)
  • More than 30 speeds
  • Remote control for easy use
  • Manual (20 excercices)
  • USB
  • Detachable seat to train your upper body
  • Elastic bands to train your arms, shoulders and upper back


  • Weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions: 77cm x 45cm x 14cm
  • Maximum user weight: 180kg

ViViBo practice

Strenghten your muscles
  • The ViViBo works with an optimal combination of amplittude and power for muscle strenghtning
  • Stronger muscles ensure a tighter, slimmer looking body
Improve your posture and balance
  • Stronger core muscles ensure a better posture
  • A better posture lowers the risk of back pain
  • Also an ideal option for the elderly
Work on weight reduction
  • 10 minutes of ViViBo training equals 12.000-15.000 steps
  • An efficient work-out in a short period of timeStronger muscles ensure a tighter, slimmer looking body
Feel fit
  • Daily excercise is great for your state of mind
  • Excercise stimulates the production of endorphines
  • The relaxation program shakes muscles and reduces fatigue

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